A little about this blog

I created this blog simply because it was free.  I wanted to create an account in order to post comments to friends’ blogs, and this option was available.  I sometimes subject my friends to long wall posts on Facebook regarding current events, simply because I have no other outlet.  I really couldn’t justify creating a blog, since I didn’t figure anyone would read it anyway, but as long as it’s a part of the registration process for this site, why not use it?

My tagline is a joke made during registration, but it’s also likely true.  I am pretty lazy when it comes to writing down my thoughts outside of comments on various media sites.  However, the next time my passion for a topic compels me to pontificate, I will do so here instead of on Facebook.  That way my friends there will only ever see a link from me and can read my ramblings at their choosing.

The name for the site comes from my short term memory issues.  One of my favorite Slayer songs is a little ditty called “Here Comes The Pain”.  For some reason, I used to conflate that with the movie “There Will Be Blood”, and always referred to this song as “There Will Be Pain”, which I think is a  pretty cool song title anyway.

The topics about which I post will mainly be commentaries on current events.  They will be written from a mainly liberal perspective, as the liberal ideology just makes more sense to me.  I am registered with no political party, but that doesn’t mean I don’t take sides.  I will call out any party’s actions I see as ridiculous, but I’m going to tell you right now, lately it’s been the Republicans largely dominating what constitutes ridiculous behavior these days.  My Republican friends, try not to take what I say personally.  When I say “Republicans”, I’m talking about the ones in charge who make policy.  If anyone ever has a problem with what I say, let me know and I will clarify my position, but I don’t water down my language too much in an effort to please everybody.  And because of the lazy factor.  I’m not going to say “some Democrats” or “certain Republicans”, simply because that’s too wordy.

Speaking of being too wordy, I think we can now all see why I don’t want to over-complicate my speech.  I can ramble.  So, I’ll cut things short here.  And in opposition of my tagline, another post is forthcoming!

Thanks for making it this far.


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