A little about the topics

So, in my last post, I mentioned that what I will be posting will be done from a mostly-liberal perspective.  I don’t have a problem with (most) conservatives, but I just don’t see things the same way that they do.  That said, here are a few, more specific topics you’re likely to see here.

Civil rights in the US – I do not understand why any reasonable person would want to discriminate against anyone.  While I am not gay, I feel very passionate about the current same-sex marriage debate that’s going on in this country.  Actually, the debate is over, it’s just that some states are reluctant to accept the inevitable.  With key parts of DOMA overturned, there is no legal basis for preventing two consenting adults from marrying.  I’ll go into this in more depth while commenting on stories in the news.

Guns in the US – I am sick and tired of the narrative that pits the evil liberals, who are trying to take away everybody’s guns, against “Real Americans” who want it all, regardless of how many people get hurt.  I don’t have a problem with the second amendment, but I don’t see a problem with regulations that can greatly reduce the number of people shot to death.  I am tired of the groups like the NRA who do nothing but instill fear in American citizens, just so people will buy more guns.  The chances of you being confronted with an armed assailant are statistically quite low, but they would have you believe that you aren’t safe unless you are armed at all times.  Phooey.

Whatever idiotic thing I see in the news – whether it’s the MS woman who tried to sneak (lol) 81 pounds of marijuana in checked luggage in California, or the Alabama supreme court justice who believes the first amendment of the US Constitution only applies to Christians, some people deserve to be shamed.  While I doubt anyone will hear it coming from me, I’ll say it anyway.

Thanks for reading!


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